About The Powerhouse Newry

Specialising in Womens Health Physiotherapy and Physio led Pilates, The Powerhouse studio has become one of the most popular pilates venues in Newry, NI.



Explore our classes

  • Mon, Thu
  • Varied times

Explore Pilates movements in a safe and controlled manner. Regressions and Progressions are taught to ensure you have an option for each exercise.

  • Wed, Thu, Sat
  • Varied times

Using the resistance of reformer springs, this challenging and dynamic class will strike the balance between strength, mobility, balance and sheer fun!

  • Saturdays
  • 11:30 - 12:30

Start your weekend right with a little "me" time. These power-up classes are designed to educate, empower and enhance antenatal & postnatal recovery.

  • Wed
  • Varied times

This is a unique class designed to meet the needs of pregnant women. Lead by a womans health physio, Antenatal Empower and Educate is a hybrid matwok and reformer class

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