“Having underwent pelvic floor repair surgery and perineal repair following three deliveries and years of worsening symptoms, I found myself with a lot of post op pain and discomfort…. and new complications that I did not anticipate.  There was a point when I was feeling that further surgery would be the only answer to try to get me back to ‘normal’, but I opted to go for the Mummy MOT with Orlaith at The Powerhouse Physio Newry, on good recommendation.

It was the best decision I could have made. Following an initial and very thorough assessment, Orlaith gave me a programme tailored to me and my symptoms. These were totally realistic and manageable exercises- given that I’m a busy Mum and need to weave physio into hectic days!

I have attended Orlaith for several reviews and we have continued to build on the physio programme; to help with the pain and to help my pelvic floor become more responsive. I can really feel a big difference to the point where it is impacting less and less, and I am having lots more ‘good days’.

The consultation with Orlaith, together with the specialist treatment has led me to feel more in control of the situation.  I’m better informed, feel more tuned into my body, and confident about the future –  I am getting back to normal and definitely don’t feel there’s only one option for me now!

Whether you’ve had your baby recently, or you have ongoing symptoms or concerns – for specialist postpartum assessment, advice and support – I cannot recommend Orlaith and The Powerhouse Physio Newry enough- Thank you!”

Mummy MOT client

“Just wanted to say thanks for the last few months of classes, I got a longer run at the sessions with my second/ current pregnancy, and overall I have felt physically more capable and a lot stronger, especially in my upper body”

“Mama on the move” class participant