Pilates is a popular exercise technique developed by Mr Joseph Pilates himself, once a sickly child, he was interned during WW1 with other German citizens living in England at the time. It was here that “Contrology”- the system that has been developed into what we now know as Pilates, was born. Pilates believed that mindful movement, using the breath and learning awareness of the alignment of the spine was one of the keys to good health. We think he was onto something good!

Pilates is a great exercise method for everyone, however, we say find an activity that you love, and stick to it. As you need to concentrate and become mindful of your own body and it’s position, Pilates is a great stress buster and a very useful way to get to know your own body. Pilates can be particularly beneficial for those with joint pain or chronic conditions, as it is low impact; and our classes are taken entirely at your own pace. As Physiotherapists, we can modify each exercise to suit you and any condition you have, so you will always feel safe and capable in class.


We are just about to open the first Pilates Reformer studio in Newry. This will be exclusively Physiotherapist-led and will consist of small group classes, limited to 5 people. Classes are suitable for a wide range of people and provide a truly unique way to work out.